Dependability makes the UH-1H the base airframe of preference for a modernization program. Modernization programs are designed to meet the rapidly increasing demands for vertical lift aircraft. Combine the rugged durability of the UH-1H aircraft with modern technology to significantly increase the usefulness of your helicopter. A complete modernization of your UH-1H helicopter earns the coveted  SW205  Helicopter designation.

 The  SW205  Helicopter like the Huey II is a modern aircraft utilizing parts that are currently in production.  Unlike other re-manufacturing programs, the SW205  Helicopter  has a ready parts supply.  What else should you expect for your aircraft. 

 The SW205  Helicopter achieves increased performance over the base airframe of the UH-1H with the optional upgrade to the Lycoming T53-L-703/T5317 engine as well as the Huey II does. The Lycoming T53-L-703/T5317 and the introduction of the dynamic components taken from the powerful Bell 212 yields a 50% increase in hover on a Standard day and an amazing 325% increase in hover capability on an extremely hot  day.

The SW205  Helicopter is a popular modernized aircraft with renowned dependability and proven performance. The SW205  Helicopter  flies more payload at significantly reduced costs than its predecessor, the UH-1H.

 The SW205  Helicopter  modernization program is well designed and time proven. S.W. Florida Aviation International, Inc. offers you a customized modernization program. The S.W. Florida Aviation International, Inc. program allows you to choose a program that fits your requirements and budget. You can choose anything from partial upgrades to complete re-manufacturing, and the prestige of your new designation.

 Regardless of the modernization program you choose, S.W. Florida Aviation International, Inc. offers complete technical assistance and maintenance programs. These programs are geared to help you achieve and maintain maximum performance from your modernized aircraft.

SW205  Helicopter Modernization Hover In Ground Effect (Takeoff)

 The improved power capability of the SW205  Helicopter modernization increases the IGE hover ceiling 40% on a standard day at 9,500 lbs/4,308 kg. Real performance benefits are realized an a hot day (ISA + 20 degree C), when a SW205  Helicopter achieves a 275% increase over the UH-1H in hover ceiling at 9,500 lbs/4,308 kg gross weight.

 The proven increased reliability and maintainability of the SW205  Helicopter is documented.  With significantly decreased maintenance touch time than experienced in the UH-1H aircraft, you will experience substantial  savings and vastly improved  operational ready time. 

The core SW205  Helicopter is a hybrid of UH-1B airframes, carefully selected  components from commercial model 212/412 aircraft, and S.W. Florida Aviation International, Inc.’s components. The result a better performance helicopter for high altitude operation and extended time between Overhauls






•Bigger and efficient Main and Tail Rotor Blades from model 212.

•Model 212 Antitorque System on the Tail Rotor.

•More authority for the Tail Rotor

•Tailboom and Nose from model 212

•Engine with more power. T53-L-703 / T5317A

•Double Hydraulic System.

•Kaflex Drive Shaft – and 212 Transmission



  Stage 1   Stage 2   Stage 3
  Stage 4   Stage 5   Stage 6


Final Product has Operational Benefits Performance Increment


•Vne increase to 130 Knots.

•Increased Payload.

•Increased IGE  Hover Capability.

•Increased OGE Hover Capability.

•Increased Payload for same Range.

•Secure and Efficient Mission.