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in maintenance, repair, upgrades and modernization on the UH-1 series and other helicopter models. Your business is our  goal and the capacity of our members  support our obligation is to bring you only good quality.

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     Southwest Florida Aviation International is a specialized   helicopter, overhaul, repair, refurbish and remanufacture facility.

     This company has earned itís reputation over the last 20 years through prompt and professional support of military and civilian operators of UH-1, 204,205,and 212 helicopters.

     We are conveniently located at the Charlotte County Airport in Punta Gorda, Florida, close to Miami and Tampa principal ports and airports.

     SWFAI is a FAA Repair Station (UL4R574M) approved facility.

     SWFAI is owner of the TC H6SO, which has FAA approval
of 212 components on the UH-1 series helicopter.

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Dependability made the U.S. Ex-Military UH-1H the base airframe of preference for a modernization program. Modernization programs are designed to meet the rapidly increasing demands for vertical lift aircraft. Combine the rugged durability of the UH-1H aircraft with modern technology to significantly increase the usefulness of your helicopter. A complete modernization of your UH-1H helicopter earns the coveted  SW205/210 Helicopters designation.

 The  SW205/210 Helicopters are a modern aircraft utilizing parts that are currently in production.  Unlike other re-manufacturing programs, the SW205/210 Helicopters  have a ready parts supply.  What else should you expect for your aircraft. 

 The SW205/210 Helicopters achieve increased performance over the base airframe of the UH-1B with the optional upgrade to the Lycoming T53-L-703/T5317 engine. The Lycoming T53-L-703/T5317 and the introduction of the dynamic components taken from the powerful Bell 212 yields a 39% increase in hover on a Standard day and an amazing 325% increase in hover capability on an extremely hot  day.

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